Our house is run by an international team of Mexican, Spanish and US Americans. We also have a great team of volunteers (local and abroad) who are contributing to our many day-to-day and long-term needs. El Pozo de Vida is committed to develop a strong network of people and foundations to share resources and information in this growing and important movement.

Our estimated monthly cost for each victim is about $600 USD a month (housing, food, hospital, legal, etc.). In certain cases a victim may enter our house with a child which will increase the costs per victim even further.

Each victim will need different amounts of time to recover. Some may even leave or run away during their process of recovery and come back later. The victims may never forget their experiences as sex slaves, but we hope that they would be able to live normal lives after they leave El Pozo de Vida.

We have a form for all visitors and volunteers that must be filled out and authorized before anyone can visit. Please contact us if you want to visit or volunteer.

  • You can do a small fundraiser. Some of our past support has come through ideas like CupCake camps, school fundraisers, Rotary clubs and other means. Remember every bit helps!
  • You can also financially sponsor our victims individually or as a group.
  • We are also in the need of professionals who can help us with web design.
  • Two things to consider:
  • 1. You don’t have to be in Mexico City to help. Human trafficking is a global issue and you can help in the cause by getting involved in your local anti-human trafficking organization or by educating yourself on how you can make a difference through your lifestyle (i.e. avoid products made through slave labor, report suspicious activity, etc.). With the advances in technology and social media, you can also help get the word out about our needs to wherever you are in the world!
  • 2. Be creative and innovative! YOU can propose different ideas to El Pozo de Vida! We are open to ideas, so please contact us!We’d like to donate some items to the house. How can we send them to you?Due to potential complications with the customs department in Mexico City, monetary donations for all supplies and needs would be of highest benefit to El Pozo de Vida. Please click here for information on how to donate. If you would like to donate clothes for infants and girls, please contact us.



The generosity of our friends, families and supporters makes the existence of The Well of Life possible.