Dreams is a program that detects and supports victims of human trafficking and child sexual abuse within immigration detention centers and migrant houses in Central America. We educate adults on their increased vulnerability to human trafficking and how they can avoid becoming victims. Through art therapy, we guide them in processing their journey and their trauma, alloing them to look to the future with hope. We carefully aress the subject of abuse with children, using stories, games and activities designed to teach them how to speak out loud and prevent it in their own lives.

En 2019 Dreams logró alcanzar a

7,864 beneficiaries

Through the following activities:

Inside the immigration detention center: 

Detection of human trafficking victims


Prevention of child sexual abuse


Psychosocial insertion talks for asylum seekers 

Dental service

Emotional and spiritual companionship


Informative talks and crime prevention

Outside the immigration detention center:


Training in the subject of human trafficking and detection of migrant victims

Training on prevention of child sexual abuse 

Workshops, talks and courses on migration and human trafficking

In Mexico City's immigration detention center, during 2019, we detected

91   Asylum seekers

1      Victim of child sexual abuse


85   Victims of kidnapping


8     Victims of human trafficking

Si eres testigo del delito de trata de personas denuncia

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