LIVRE raises awareness of human trafficking and combats it through informative campaigns that target vulnerable population. This prevents new victims and discourages demand for prostitution. LIVRE fosters activism and social movement workshops in schools, transforming communities from within by promoting equality and freedom, and spreading a message of change without violence.

34,562 beneficiaries

In 2019 LIVRE was able to reach

Through the following acctivities:

Informative and awareness campaigns.

Mobilization and social transformation.

Social transformation VS human trafficking clubs and workshops.

Community social transformation to create trusted care networks for vulnerable populations.

Social mobilization through training sessions for key partners.

Social Transformation Clubs VS human trafficking

To this day we have established


in the community of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, in the State of Mexico.

Si eres testigo del delito de trata de personas denuncia

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