We are always looking for ambitious and talented volunteers to join our mission. If you are passionate and ready to change the world, join us in one of our projects:

  • Detecting victims at the migration center: you will have the opportunity to meet lots of migrating men, women and children and, through guided conversation, detect the red flags of trafficking in their stories.

  • Spiritual support at the migration center: one of the resilience factors in migration is spirituality. Accompany the migrants in their faith during a time of prayer and worship.

  • Community center social worker: companionship is the base of transformation, that's why we need people to do social work with the women in the community center.

  • Safe House workshop teacher: the girls are always in need of teachers. You can work directly with the girls by teaching one of the workshops we already have or you can create your own.

  • Companionship at the Safe House or Transition House: closeness and warmth bring meaning to life; spend time with the girls as they go about their day - play games, make crafts, and give them the gift of quality time.

  • Social work at the Transition House: companionship is the base of transformation, that's why we need people ready to do social work with the woman in the transition house.

  • Awareness at schools and events: reaching the new generations through technology is vital, and equally important are the people that make this possible.

  • Social work at Sahl+1: more than teaching a baking class, we accompany the women on their path to a new life. Spending time with them and walking alongside them through their process is both a pleasure and a challenge.

  • Administrative volunteer: we are always in need of people to help us enhance our internal operations. Your skills can help better the organization. 

  • Design and communication: here, your creativity is valued; we are always looking for new and more relevant ways of communicating. we will count on with you to achieve this.