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Dream kits are the final step in our process of accompanying women, currently working in prostitution, who dream of starting their own business. These kits contain material resources that will help them leave their current situation behind, make their business dreams a reality, and have a positive impact on their lives.
Help us make these dreams come true.


AZUL          JADE           OLGA           KARIME

AZUL           JADE           OLGA           KARIME


Azul dreams of having a dessert business and thus also being able to pay for her studies in psychology and help other women who have had the same experience as her.


Her current monthly income is approximately $4,000 ($190 USD)

We hope that with her new business she can earn approximately $7,500 ($360 USD)


Azul's dream box will consist of the following:


  • Peddling tricycle

  • Umbrella

  • Refrigerator

  • Mini oven

  • Thermos for hot drinks

  • Kitchen and dessert utensils

  • Stainless steel tray with lid


The total estimated cost for this box is $ 8,900 ($430 USD)

I'm Azul, I am 40 years old and I'm originally from the State of Mexico

Throughout my life I have gone through difficult situations, some of them violent. I lived a difficult childhood, and from a disease called arthritis I had depression for a long time.

Baking was one of the tools the doctors recommended to me to improve my mental health.

When I arrived in Dunamis I discovered that I am capable of doing different things. They taught me how to cut fabrics, sew on a machine and I made blanket bags, pashminas and face masks. At Dunamis they taught me that I can do what I set out to do.

I want a dessert business because it helps me stay busy, improves my mental health. I like to make people happy.

I see my desserts as an analogy of life, because I can paint it in different colors even if it is cloudy, I can paint in whatever color I choose.

I have learned to love myself, love myself and value myself, and thus be able to give the people around me that love and affection.

With this business I can be more time with my children, give them quality time so that their life is different from mine.

I also want to be a psychologist to help women who have suffered abuse, deceit, who are on the streets and many other things. I want to help them get ahead.

Help us make Azul's dream come true


Jade dreams of a taco stand to have a business that allows her to spend more time with her children and plan for the future together.

Her current monthly income is approximately $ 7,500 ($360 USD)

We hope that with her new business she can earn approximately $ 9,600 ($460 USD)


Jade's Dream Box will consist of the following:


  • Cookware

  • Pans / pots

  • Taco dishes

  • 3 x 3 tent

  • Grill with deep fryer

  • Portable gas tank

  • Cooler

  • 1.20 plank

  • Banks

  • Tuppers

  • Sauce boats, napkin holders, salt shakers

  • Trays, Styrofoam cups


The total estimated cost for this box is $ 11,700 ($565 USD)

Hi, I'm Jade, I'm 42 years old.

For a long time I was afraid of not achieving my dreams, because of my age, my history, many told me that I could not, that I was not worth anything. Today I no longer believe those words, nor am I afraid to face or look into the eyes of those who hurt me.

When I came to Dunamis I began to see other opportunities in life. I participated in some workshops and I began to have more confidence; I started doing other things like selling face masks or coffee, I took a first aid course, and all of that made me feel good about myself.

Having this business would be a blessing to spend more time with my children, I have many plans for the future, maybe to put a dessert stand. I want to go on vacation, make up time with my children, get to know them more and help my children study a career.

My business will be called "La Flor de Valencia" because I am like a lotus flower, which sprouted from its bud in the face of all adversity and flourished.

Help us make Jade's dream come true

I would like people to remember me as someone who showed them that life can be changed and that everything we undertake we can do if we set our minds to it.


Olga dreams of having a diner, to show love to the people who taste her food and make her children proud of her.

Her current monthly income is approximately $5,600 ($270 USD)

We hope that with her new business she can earn approximately $6,500 ($315 USD)

Olga's dream kit  will consist of the following:



  • Refrigerator

  • Large comal

  • Little devil

  • 4-burner grill

  • Cooking pots

  • Blender

  • Blender

  • Cookware

  • Dishes (wave, spread, dessert)

  • Cups

The total estimated cost for this box is $ 12,000 ($580 USD)

From a very young age I was very close to nature and the ingredients of the land that my family cultivated.

Cooking is for me a way of showing affection to my sons and daughters, I would very much like to be able to share my stews with more people, help them with my food so that their days become more bearable and that I can touch their hearts with my poblano mole.

Hello, I am Olga, I am a mother of 4, a sister, a nature lover and a cook looking to start my food business.

When I arrived in Dunamis I was sad to go in and interact with my colleagues and the girls, but one day I was encouraged and my life has changed. In the last year I have felt like a butterfly preparing to come out of my cocoon and fly over the flowers and plants that I love so much.

My children are my main motivator in life, I want them to feel proud of their mother and to know that there are ways to get ahead, working and making use of our talents to show them that they too can get ahead, and thus also show it to me herself.

I want my children to study and be proud of my work and not suffer what I suffered. My business is going to be called Doña Mary Kitchen.

Help us make Olga's dream come true!


Karime dreams of a jewelery and make-up stand to be able to buy her own land and be able to pay her studies in gastronomy.

Her current monthly income is approximately $6,000 ($290 USD)

We hope that with her new business she can earn approximately $7,000 ($340 USD)


Karime's dream kit will consist of the following:


  • Spider display

  • 2 by 2 tent

  • Hard plastic boxes with lids

  • Duffel bag

  • Little devil

  • Detachable table 1.80 portfolio

  • Rack

  • Grid hook

  • Stepped counter

  • Labeler

  • Lip counters

  • Lens counter

  • Varnish counter

  • Makeup.

The total estimated cost for this box is $8,000 ($390 USD)

I am Karime, I am 26 years old and I want to start my jewelry and make-up business.

When I came to Dunamis I learned to strive for what I want, to be responsible, tolerant, to stay away from toxic relationships, not to be negative, to be strong, and to improve the way I express myself.

My hope is that I can sell enough to pay for my studies, buy a piece of land to have my own house, achieve stability, and finish a career in gastronomy.

I am like a hummingbird because I am fragile, but all the time I am learning new things, flying from one place to another. I belong to no one, I am free.

In my life there were people who told me that I didn't know anything, that I was not capable of achieving anything, and that I was worth nothing for being in the area, that hurt a lot. I decided that I want to prove to myself that I can. I no longer want to be in the streets where people hurt you, criticize you and tell you that you are not capable of doing other things.

I want to finish my studies and pay the expenses of my gastronomy career, to know the world, i want to taste national and international food. My family inspires me to show them and prove to myself that yes I can, I want to believe in myself, and follow through with my goals.

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