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intervention programs

There are around 40 million victims of modern slavery in the world today. Our objective is to go where they are, extend our hands to help break what binds them, and help find freedom. We aim to intervene in situations of human trafficking in vulnerable communities to reduce harm and contribute to restoration.

Through our intervention programs we were able to reach over 

2,000 beneficiaries

in 2019 alone




Our community center is located in the heart of La Merced, the largest red-light district in Latin America. We provide a safe place for women working in prostitution who have a very high probability of becoming victims of human trafficking. Through workshops, therapy, spiritual guidance, tutoring, and a free meal center, our staff builds relationships with these women to become a support network while offering them a way out of prostitution.

· Shared meals


· Accompaniment to create productive business projects

· Low cost thrift store


· Therapy


· Spiritual companionship


· English lessons

We provide the following services: 

· Tutoring

· Zumba classes


· Jewelry-making workshops


· Computing lessons

· Basic nurse training


How we reach them: 

We gather local ministries, organizations and individuals to bring to life a block party on the street, complete with music, food, gifts, manicures and hand-massages.

Red-light districts

Intervention in the

Once a month we go to the red-light districts of Mexico City to throw a party for women in prostitution. Our goal is to disrupt the current system of the commercial sex industry by creating a new atmosphere of hope and love. We work to build relationships with these women, showing them that they are seen and valued, and offering them our support in whatever they need, including a way out of prostitution. We also reach out to men who are clients, opening up a dialog to demonstrate the love they are so often looking for.

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