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We currently have 9 projects throughout Mexico, providing influence on a national level and across Latin America.



We need to address the problem at the source. We reach the victims where they are; on the streets, in the plazas, and the migrant detention centers. Educating the youth of today is a huge part of our effort, so that they don’t become future victims of human trafficking or consumers of prostitution.



Our objective is to go where the victims and the vulnerable communities are, working in the red-light districts of Mexico City.

We work to build relationships with women working in prostitution- offering workshops, therapy, spiritual guidance, and tutoring to build a support network and eventually provide them a way out of prostitution.

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The damage inflicted by human trafficking runs deep, affecting a person socially, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. For that reason, we provide a range of support so that rescued women can receive safe healing, rediscover who they are, and realize their potential through our holistic care model.

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