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Prevention programs

We work to prevent human trafficking and associated violence within vulnerable populations, approaching the problem at its source. We go to where the victims are in order to reach them- to the streets, the plazas, and the migrant detention centers.

Through our prevention programs we were able to reach almost 

48,000 beneficiaries

in 2019 alone

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Prevention work with


Our team raises awareness of human trafficking and combats it through informative campaigns that target vulnerable populations. This prevents new victims and discourages demand for prostitution. We foster activism and social movement workshops in schools, transforming communities from within by promoting equality and freedom, and spreading a message of change without violence.

· Informative awareness campaigns.

·  Mobilization and community transformation. 
· Human trafficking clubs and workshops.
· Trusted care networks for vulnerable populations.
· Training sessions for key partners.

How we reach them: 


How we reach them: 

· Mobile cafeteria

· Psychological therapy

· Online intervention

· Spiritual support

· Men's groups

· Talks: masculinity, violence, parenthood, prevention of consumption of prostitution.
· Courses: personal finances, sales, entrepreneurship, English, and elementary and high school-level tutoring.


Prevention work with

This is the newest project of El Pozo de Vida. It focuses on the male population to combat issues of machismo, gender violence, the demand for prostitution, and toxic masculinity. We intervene in communities by giving workshops to confront stereotypes and gender roles, along with cultural, social and religious paradigms, to offer a new definition of masculinity.


Prevention work with


This program detects and supports victims of human trafficking and child sexual abuse within immigration detention centers and migrant houses in Central America. We educate adults on their increased vulnerability to human trafficking and how they can avoid becoming victims. Through art therapy, we guide them in processing their journey and their trauma, allowing them to look to the future with hope. For children, we carefully address the subject of abuse, using stories, games and activities designed to teach them how to speak out loud and prevent abuse in their own lives.

· Detection of human trafficking victims

· Prevention of child sexual abuse

· Psychosocial insertion talks for asylum seekers 

· Dental service

· Emotional and spiritual companionship

· Informative talks and crime prevention

Inside the immigration center: 

Outside the immigration center: 

· Training in the subjects of human trafficking and detection of migrant victims

· Training on prevention of child sexual abuse 

· Workshops, talks and courses on migration and human trafficking

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