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Restoration programs

The damage inflicted by human trafficking runs deep, affecting a person socially, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We work with human trafficking survivors through our holistic care model, so they can experience freedom and a fresh start in life.

Through our restoration programs we were able to reach 249 beneficiaries

in 2019 alone

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Our Safe House is a place for minors who have been victims of human trafficking. They receive holistic care through education, individual and family therapy, spiritual counseling, medical attention, legal counsel, and job skills. We walk them through our individualized restoration program, focused on healing and building resilience to thrive in their reintegration to society.

· Food and clothing

· Medical services

· Education

· Individual therapy

· Family therapy

· Spiritual counseling

· Social skills

· Job search coaching

What our beneficiaries receive:


In May 2014, the Transition Home opened its doors to the first survivors coming out of the Safe House, employing the Bio-Psycho-Social Attention Model. This is a two-pronged approach to restoration:

1. A generalized, overall process for treatment and attention

2. An individualized and integral attention plan for each beneficiary

What our beneficiaries receive:

· General attention and care


· Social attention

· Psychosocial therapy

· Academic, personal and career development

· Justice and legal advisement



Our Transition Home is for women moving on from the Safe House, employing a model similar to that of a halfway house. They receive financial and social support as they pursue their dreams by continuing their education and learning to manage the joys and trials of societal reintegration. As in the Safe House, they continue to receive therapy, spiritual counseling, medical attention, legal counsel, and job training to help them word towards independence.



Nunayú is a social entrepreneurship initiative that employs women who survivors of human trafficking to design and create jewelry. Inspired by their own stories, each handmade piece is a testimony to the freedom and opportunity this project brings. Apart from receiving a living wage, employees are provided with psychological care, art therapy, English classes, counseling, spiritual guidance and social services. Their professional growth is complemented with holistic personal development.

· Fair pay for their work

·Training (design, sales, customer service)

·Courses and workshops (leadership, teamwork, IT, entrepreneurship, etc.)

· Social and psychological support

· Counseling


· Workshops  about social and family issues (gender violence, self esteem, life planning, sexuality. etc.)

The women working at Nunayú receive:

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