What happens to a girl from the Safe House 

when she is no longer a minor? 

In 2014, we opened the first Transition Home in Latin America.

survivors of

years old

The house is open to survivors over the age of 18 that need support to start living a more independent life. They come to the house by their own free will and have the option to stay 3 to 24 months while they look for job opportunities, further their education, and/or save money to start their new life.

In may 2014, the Transition Home opened its doors to the first survivors coming out of the safe house using a Biopsychosocial Attention Mode. This is run from two perspectives:

A General Process for Treatment and Attention.


The idea is to extend worthy and safe asylum, emotional and spiritual support, recreation and access to medical services; companionship in the process of social reintegration and the forming of social tools. Also learning how to manage the support systems and family links. 

An Individualized and Integral Attention Plan.


Considering that each one of the survivors has different issues and needs, each case is taken on a personalized manner, including medical treatment, psychological treatment, psychiatric care, and education and work training.

Every user receives the following services:

General Attention

and Care

Social Attention

Psychosocial Therapy

Academic and Personal Development

Justice and Legal Advisement

2014          5

2015          11

2016          10

2017          6

Si eres testigo del delito de trata de personas denuncia

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