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how we fight for freedom

We help our beneficiaries regain their freedom and equality because we've developed a unique, integral strategy based upon three key approaches:


of human trafficking and associated violence with vulnerable populations.

If we can attend to the root of the problem we can prevent it from getting worse in a few years. This is why we spend a great deal of our efforts on sharing valuable information with the youth of this generation, so that they do not become future victims, pimps, or consumers of prostitution.


in situations of human trafficking in vulnerable communities to reduce the harm and contribute to restoration.

It is necessary to go where the victims are. We cannot expect them to become free if we do not break the chains that they are bound to. For this reason we go to the streets, plazas, migration centers and the dark places, to meet the victims where they are and, in doing so give them a new option for life.


of survivors of human trafficking through our holistic care model.

To bring freedom is the first step, but there is a long way to go before finding restoration. Healing their hearts, restoring their hope and renewing their spirit are all part of a process that requires trustworthy and loving people to walk with them, listen to them, give them structure and above all else, love the survivors.

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