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We fight against human trafficking in Mexico and Central America

We are committed to prevention, intervention y restoration for women, children, families and communities that are vulnerable to this crime. 

Right now, we have 9 projects with national influence in Mexico.

It is estimated that around the world there are more than

 50 million people

in slavery.

Find out about our solutions in the areas of prevention of human trafficking and associated violences, intervention in areas with a high incidence of prostitution and restoration of victims of this crime.

una fotografia de una pareja de turistas siendo abordados por un niño en situación de mendicidad pidiendoles dinero.

Campaign against Child Begging in Mexico. 

We have come this far, but we still have a long way to go.

Download our 2022 impact report, to find out this year's results and how we used the funds we received. We firmly believe in transparency and responsibility with our supporters.

Our collaborators

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