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1. Strengthen the results, effects and impact of our programs.

  • Go even deeper in our fight to eliminate risk factors for target populations, and reduce vulnerability for families

  • Provide tools that reduce the impact of prostitution’s consequences, and identify violent experiences to prevent normalization in our beneficaries’ lives. Raise awareness of  other possibilities to make a living and provide for their families.

  • Reduce negative repercussions of human trafficking in our beneficiaries

  • Contribute to the comprehensive societal inclusion of our beneficiaries

2. Improve collaboration and staff development.

  • Improvement of workplace environment (respect, professional attitude, salaries)

  • Investment in conscientiously cultivating leadership


3. Fortify our partnerships

  • Strengthen partnerships with private initiatives

  • Recognize and acknowledge associated institutions, organizations and individuals

  • Continue to maintain key governmental ties

4.  Diversification and expansion of fundraising

  • Improve efficiency of resources

  • Diversify portfolio of donors to include foundations, corporations, and individuals, along with Mexican (both federal and state level) and international organizations.


5.  Develop innovative lines of research and action

  • Strengthen our collaboration with investigative bodies such as universities and international research institutes

  • Take the initiative to collaborate with diverse and innovative social justice actors

  • Maintain a culture of innovation

  • Use technological tools to improve our work efficiency


6.  Professionalize administration

  • Improve administrative processes, human resources, and internal finances in both Mexico and the United States

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