providing attention from

Mexico to Panama

(Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking)

We are the only organization in Mexico

that provides technical advice to the

We have come this far, but we still have a long way to go.

Our Partners

We partner with the Orphaned Starfish Foundation to provide our children with access to technology education and vocational training. The Orphaned Starfish Foundation built a state-of-the-art technology center at our facility where students take classes with an experienced computer teacher. These classes help prepare our students to continue university studies and / or employment. Many thanks to the Orphaned Starfish Foundation for their collaboration and support.

The Vista Hermosa foundation suports El Pozo de Vida projects based in the red-light district of La Merced in Mexico City. 

Grace & Mercy foundation  has supported El Pozo de Vida since 2015 in many of our projects.

Fundación Providencia supports El Pozo de Vida Safe House, Transition House, Prevention program and Dunamis Community Center.

Open Gate International has supported our Sahl+1 project since the beggining, providing training in culinary arts and life skills to women in vulnerable situations.