El Pozo de Vida is a NGO that fights against human trafficking in Mexico and Central America. We are committed to the prevention, intervention, and restoration of children, families, and communities who are vulnerable to this crime, so that they can experience freedom and a fresh start in life.


In 2021, El Pozo de Vida aims:


To be a widely recognized organization with expertise in the areas in which it works to transform the trading system, demand and justice in human trafficking.

To be an economically stable organization and have a healthy and trained team. 

For our survivors to attain a higher level of education, have a defined and implemented life plan, and be emotionally stable, physically healthy and able to be assertive.

To educate the families and communities of the survivors on the damaging effects of human trafficking to keep them from re-vicitmizing or discriminating against the survivors.

To influence the way Mexico's justice system functions so that it fairly judges the traffickers and consumers, and advocates for the victims and their reintegration. 

That there will be a change in society's perception that the victims are not at fault and that women are not sexual objects

Si eres testigo del delito de trata de personas denuncia

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